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The dizzy waggle who lit the dark

Meet Zozo, the adorable Dizzy Waggle changing the way the world understands deep feeling kids!

Zozo is a Dizzy Waggle with a heart so big it can light the sky. 
When Zozo is happy, it glows bright like stardust. But when the fuzzy creature gets overwhelmed by big emotions, life doesn't feel so easy. When Zozo decides to hide away, it takes a dark storm to remind the spirally-tailed Dizzy Waggle that authenticity, empathy, and sensitivity are powerful enough to change the world.

Join Zozo on a fun and uplifting journey of overcoming worry, anger, and sadness, while unraveling the beauty of self-acceptance.


Thea and the Dizzy Waggle

Purple Dizzy Waggle Brite makes friends with a tūī bird named Thea, who can often be heard singing from the blossoming pohutukawa tree. One day, Brite notices Thea isn't singing and learns the tūī is sick. When Thea tells Brite her body won't always be here, the Dizzy Waggle has important questions about death.


What did the tūī mean

about going away?

Aren’t those we love 

always meant to stay?

“But I’ll be sad if you leave me,” 

Brite said to the bird.

“I don’t want a world 

where your song isn’t heard.”

Thea and the Dizzy Waggle is a heartwarming and insightful tale about love, loss, and the magic of nature for anyone navigating grief.

The project NZ, 22 April 2022

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