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 Welcome to FJS-art

Originally from the Netherlands and a self-taught artist.

Fabienne is paying attention to details and especially to the eyes, she is trying to capture the soul of every human and animal she draws or paints.

This last year she shifted her focus to drawing. The shift to pencil drawing allows Fabienne to create as much detail as possible in her artwork.

While working on her own art she is open to commissioned work so please don’t hesitate to contact her and ask for all the possibilities.

Thank you for looking at the artworks. Hopefully you are enjoying the new work this year. And if you are curious what she’s working on at the moment please follow her Instagram and/or Facebook pages.

Thankful for all the opportunities she has had in the last 8 years in New Zealand.

She's now back in her home country the Netherlands where she will proceed with her work and passion. 


Fabienne Joni Sopacua






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